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Super Bot Agency uses the combined intelligence of AI + Human to create proactive & personalized conversational experiences to convert visitors into more qualified leads.

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Never Lose a Sale or Lead even while you are sleeping 😴

AI Super Bot Agency works 24x7 without taking any breaks


Proactive & Personalized Engagement

With proactive triggers based on the current page, time of day, user location, the source, the referrer, the device etc., AI Super Bot Agency engages the user with a personalized sales pitch


Incremental Information Gathering

With interactive engagement, AI Super Bot Agency captures lead information incrementally during a conversation and uses it to personalize the dialogue - a non-boring, engaging way to capture data.


Assisting by answering FAQs

With its advanced NLP Algorithms, the Bot can understand the intent of a user's query and can reply accordingly - helping you to automate replies to those repeated queries your prospects/customers ask.


Connecting you to HOT leads live

Based on the user's journey, the Bot identifies HOT leads and gets your best Sales Reps connected with them in real time - making sure your HOT leads get immediate attention during that critical time while they are on your website making decisions about your offerings.

Your 24x7 Sales Rep

Make the most out of your marketing expenses by engaging your website visitors, capturing 

and qualifying leads and then autonomously selling them or connecting them with your best reps.

Automated FAQ answers

Let AI Superbot answer repeated queries from prospects

See who is online now

Monitor automated chats and overtake if needed or if its a HOT lead

Seamless AI-Human Transfer

AI Superbots can automatically transfer the Hot leads to you & will handle the other leads for you , freeing up your valuable time!

Instant Lead Alerts

Get real-time alerts on Desktop, Mobile and Emails.

Integrate with your CRM

Get all your Leads & Conversation data directly in your favorite tools such as CRM's, Email Systems, Payment Gateways, SMS Systems, etc.

Analyze & Optimize

Get detailed report on what converts visitors to leads or customers.

Let the Bot Sell (eCom)

AI SuperBots integrate with your payment gateways and inventory to make actual sales directly inside the Bot!

Works for Any Business

AI SuperBots work for any business, in any language, anywhere in the world.

We Guarantee Results

Try us for free today, no commitment!

Full Bot Creation And Setup Service

SuperBot Agency provides a full white-glove Bot creation service.

We review your lead-generation and sales funnels, brainstorm together how they can be improved, and then build a dedicated bot for you, with the right conversation flow and integrations to reach your goals.

Checkout Some Of These Examples

Optimize Ad-Spends for 4X leads

With Conversational Landing Pages, you can create interactive post Ad-Click experience and can engage your traffic to capture more leads.

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Automate Visitor Engagement & Convert More

What customers say about us

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

 For both our companies we adopted IntelliTick's chatbots and are very happy with the amazing rise in the number of inquiries. It does make the call to action (CTA) quite easy for the prospects. 

Anuraag Bhaskarbhatta

 An agile and meaningful connect with a website visitor to make them a customer. It provides all the necessary bells and whistles to not only achieve it, but also provide us with a slick reporting interface which enhances the user experience. 

Prashant Pathak

 Just getting started. It's pretty good at creating decent responses. I've got it working on both a web site and Facebook. I'm also impressed by the tech support on-line. I asked a few newbie questions, they gave me the responses I needed to go forward. Well done, guys! 

Richard Berry

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